My name is William but everyone calls me Billy

I strive to make beautiful, compelling work that creates value and meaningful engagement. I’m interested in world issues, culture and how design and art play a part on the global scale. My aim is to strengthen the visual communication of individuals, communities, organizations and the principles they represent through effective design.

In 2014, I obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in graphic design with a minor in print media from University of Maryland Baltimore County. Though work experiences, internships, freelancing and volunteer work I have developed my skills. Working with organizations and individuals, I have produced a wide range of interdisciplinary art and design. My training at the Baltimore School for the Arts molded me into a strong draftsman with skills in painting, printmaking, and photography.

In 2013 I received the Baltimore Mid-Town Development Award for work completed with muralist Bob Hieronimus, Ph.D. I worked as a prepress technician at JH Furst Printing company strengthening my print production experience. In early 2017, I took an Editorial Illustration class resulting in my illustrations being published in Adweek and the Baltimore Sun. In April of 2017 I started working as a Web Designer for The Cyphers Agency. Here I’ve had the privilege of utilizing my diverse skillsets to bring advanced web design, motion graphics, and strong marketing strategy to an excellent team working on campaigns for large corporate clients.