A note about logo design variations.

A good logo design reads well, looks the same and is effective across many applications. Some applications of the logo will require alterations. For example you can’t place a black logo on a black background. Utilizing wight/black and color, variations of the logo should be created so that when they are all viewed together they read as equals.

Posable combinations:
W on B
W on C
B on W
B on C
C on W
C on B
C on C (503c compliance requires tonal contrast to be readable)

Its best to keep branding packages as simple as possible unless its necessary to add additional variations to the logo. This sometimes happens to distinguish departmental differences for example. For smaller companies (especially with no internal design team) it’s best to keep the variations at a minimal because it decreases the chances they will be misused. Establishing a guidebook on how to use and not use their logos can help alleviate this problem.

Here are some examples in use.